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Our planet is warming and the whole of humanity drags in its fall all the living things. Today, we enter a new era, the era of the unknown. Since 3 million years, the Late Pliocene, no such temperatures were seen on Earth.

Since 150 years, the atmosphere cycles and in particular the climate are unbalanced by massive releases of CO2.

Numerous pioneer projects intended to solve the problem. However, there will not be an isolated, small scale solution, the whole world needs to unite forces in a timely and organised manner to tackle the looming climate disaster.

This is why the ARBORETUM project was started.


Today, Earth has 3000 billion trees. This was estimated by the AAAS

(American Association for the Advancement of Science)
That’s 7 times more than estimations of NASA.

Tree represent the second carbon sink of the planet just after oceans

Dr Thomas Crowther from ETH Zurich suggested that a third more trees are needed,

1200 billions, to absorb the equivalent of a decade of CO2 emissions each year.

For example, a tree of 5 m3 can absorb 5 tons/year of CO2 which is equivalent to 5 return trips between Paris and New York.



Pakistan and India operations highlights the challenge in planting simultaneously all the trees in deserts without using arable lands. If 1200 billions seem far fetched, 10 billions spread around the world seems more feasible. Using the rates from India, 100 days are needed to plant all the trees. If we start a 1st of January all could be over by the 31st of March. Using drone it could even be shorter.


With the help of international organisations, in particular the United Nation Environment Program (UNEP) and the IMF, a call will be sent to 120 countries for them to engage in planting 10 billion trees each to reach 1200 billions.


Using the budget from Pakistan, 150 millions euros for a billion trees,

180 billion € are needed to fund the ARBORETUM project.


3000 billion existing trees

1200 billion more trees
120 countries
100 days

→ One kick off.

ARBORETUM does not pretend to stop the ecological crisis but to create a tool to remediate it. In parallel, humanity needs to reduce its carbon footprint.


– At best, in 10 years we change our ways and build up a sustainable society. Hope will come back and we would have considerably slowed biodiversity loss and global warming.


– At worst, we would have planted trees.



«Listen to the forest that grows rather than the tree that falls»

Friedrich Hegel